Luis RadfordWelcome to my webpage. My name is Luis Radford. Since 1992, I have taught and conducted research at École des sciences de l'éducation de l'Université Laurentienne. The university is located in Sudbury, Ontario, Canada. I became a Full Professor in 1997. I have been the recipient of the Laurentian University 2004-05 Research Excellence Award and the 2011 ICMI Hans Freudenthal Medal. I am now Emeritus Professor.

The ICMI 2011 Hans Freudenthal Medal

The ICMI 2011 Hans Freudenthal Medal

During the period July 2012 – July 2016, I was Chair of the International Study Group on the Relations Between the History and Pedagogy of Mathematics (HPM). HPM is an affiliate group of the International Commission on Mathematical Instruction (ICMI). From 2016 to 2020, I was one of the vice-presidents of ICMI.

My research interests cover both theoretical and practical aspects of mathematics thinking, teaching, and learning. The vertebral axis of my research is a sustained involvement in classroom work with teachers and students. As a sociocultural theorist, I am interested in moving beyond bourgeois student-centered pedagogical discourses.

Drawing on Lev Vygotsky’s historical-cultural school of thought and Evald Ilyenkov’s epistemology my current work focuses on the elaboration of an approach in which the problem of teaching and learning is formulated around the concept of alterity of Emmanuel Lévinas and Mikhail Bakhtin. In such an approach, learning is conceptualized as a social, political, and transformative process through which the students critically encounter other (historical and contemporary) voices and perspectives.

Arising in the course of sensuous mediated cultural praxes, learning, I argue, is not just about knowing but also about becoming (becoming-someone-with-others). The formulation of learning as a cultural and historical process where knowing and being are mutually constitutive leads to a non-utilitarian and a non-instrumentalist conception of the classroom and education. Entrenched in unerasable ethical concerns, the classroom appears as a space for the growth of intersubjectivity and the nurturing of what I call the communal self.

2022 Events

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September 23, 2022
Conference: El álgebra en la escuela primaria
(Virtual Conference)
Event: Model of Semantic Fields: 30th years of research and development in Mathematics Education
Organizer: Federal University of Mato Grosso do Sul
Time: 9:00 - 9:45 am, Brasilia Time
Information: https://sigma-t.org/

October 21, 2022
Conference: Ensino e Aprendizagem com a Teoria da Objetivação
(Virtual Conference)
Event: Programa de Apoio e Acompanhamento Pedagógico (PAAP)
Organizer: Universidade Federal do Ceará (UFC)
Time: 5:00 - 7:00 pm, Ceará Time
Link: https://youtu.be/t_iIzGA5LRo

December 9, 2022
Conference: Ética, saber y política: de la necesidad de repensar la enseñanza-aprendizaje de las matemáticas
(Virtual Conference)
Event: IX Congresso Ibero-Americano de Educação Matemática - CIBEM
Organizer: Pontifícia Universidade Católica de São Paulo (PUC-SP), Sociedade Brasileira de Educação Matemática (SBEM) e Federação Ibero-americana de Sociedades de Educação Matemática
Time: 10:00 am - 12:00 pm, São Paulo Time
Link: https://eventos.pucsp.br/ixcibem

December 14, 2022
Conference: Sobre algunas líneas de investigación
(Virtual Conference)
Event: Coloquio Internacional sobre la Teoría de la Objetivación
Organizer: RICTO - Rede internacional de pesquisa em Teoria da Objetivação
Time: 3:30 pm - 4:30 pm, Bogota Time
Link: TBA